28 February, 2006

Here's my "memory," but damn- It's so tempting to draw a thiel.

....a late ...night dream.


24 February, 2006

Hey Everyone,
I am trying to update my website and I am having a very difficult time. I used dreamweaver to create it, but so many different people are telling me that sometimes the thumbnails work and sometimes they dont. I wound up deleting a bunch of stuff to start fresh, and I am trying to figure out the mouse over/mouse double click thing to get the image to show up. I know there has got to be an easier way than what I am doing to get rid of all the gliches. If any of you know anything about this I would really appreciate it. thanks so much!!! the old website is still up


23 February, 2006

just wanted to give a congrats,and let everyone know that a couple of our fellow peers are representing this school and our BLOG well. Lisa, Park, Ted, And John all have been selected to be in the next issue of CMYK. So dont be hatin and give them so love, good job fellas you all deserve it.

Have any good memories of these guys?? I sure do.

22 February, 2006

this was really fun to do, I miss my old ninja turtle toys, they don't really make em like they used to.


21 February, 2006

Finally finished this piece. Originally it was only for Blogarians, but now I think I'm going to use it for the 6th piece of my thesis to replace the "Memory and Contemplation" one. Let me know what you think dudes. By the way this is a photo-I'll put up a scan tomorrow. Peace

Dreaming of....?

I know, What was i thinking!!?? LOL
-This one is dedicated to Ted, Chris and Mirna... I miss those Tetris nights!


20 February, 2006

don't we all dream of birds?

lovely dreams

Drawn! Project

The Blogarians will try to participate in the first Drawn! project. Their goal is to create a book were talented artists will contribute a piece based on the theme "Memory".
This book will benefit the "Alzheimer's Association", so keep that in mind.
You can find all the information at the Drawn! forum.

Posting Calendar

Some people are kind of confused about the posting dates, no one seems to know when a posting start and ends, so i made this little calendar.
Blogarians started February 4th, so, one week for the posting of each theme.
For the following Weeks i will post the day the theme starts and ends.


Tree Monster

Blue, blue

Here's my entry for dreams. About an hour into the piece, it turned into an experiment with textures and different ways to paint.

-Suggestions on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated!

dreaming of tailors and snails....

19 February, 2006




18 February, 2006



YO...representin Dunnicks class...what up? I have to admit i thought you guys were a little crazy for creating more work for yourselves during the week but it was actually really fun working on something other than thesis. It is also refreshing to see all of your work since i dont have class with you...i DEFINETLY dont see enough inspiring work during my week (what? who said that?) Anyways dreams, i never remember any of mine. Maybe there is just not enough going on upstairs. The last couple of nights though i have not been able to sleep because my nocturnal neighbors like to BLAST their music at crazy hours in the night/early morning. i am a pretty light sleeper and i cant hide from the noise. last night instead of looking at the wall-and getting all pissed off i got up and made this. Why sleep when you can paint anyways? (just kidding sleep is important kids, get some!)


17 February, 2006

Dreaming of freedom. This is my dream painting I hope you guys like it. It is offcourse a digital painting. I enjoyed this painting because in my dreams nothing makes sense, I created a texture for the background and I think it works pretty good. Tell me what you bloggers think. Keep it coming.

Dreams BIATCH!

16 February, 2006

Here it be! Dreams...weird dreams!


-Sometimes I dream that I fade away before I touch her
And that my body fades away like flowing flowers
As the wandering souls sing forgotten secrets-

This was so fun. I repeated some elements that I've used before because I find them interesting. This has been a great way to experiment with random things and techniques. Let me know what you guys think. Can't wait to see the rest...


alright, I think I'm first...

Owl on campus

13 February, 2006

go check the pic at I was skimming around campus to take some references of Keating and I thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures of flowers and other shit. But the most fun part of it was when i saw this owl. The owl is kinda friendly even though how abnoxious I can get most of the times. I got close to it and took some pictures.


12 February, 2006

i just noticed this looks like a t-shirt design.. ?

New Stuff!

Just added a new feature to Blogarians, on the bottom of the side bar you will see a link that says "Blogs that link here" (Technorati). This will let us know who has linked to Blogarians, and What are they saying about us, so take a look!


The 47 Ronin

Samurai from a Greek

I am busy as hell but after I saw all these good paintings I couldn't resist to do my own version of Samurai. well this is my version. I wanted to show the samurai before his battle. Tell me what you guys think. keep up the good work.


11 February, 2006

hey all the blogarians are invited over for cookies tonight at my place. around 10:30 maybe?

Samurai in yo face

What up guys. Love what you've all done. Hope you like my version of a samurai. Also included one I did over the break. I had a lot of fun with this a lot of mixed media. I'm catching up so look out.

Fear - a little late

Finally on this thing. Hope you like.


So you guys were right, painting this was fun...can't wait for dreams!!!

Hey guys here it is!! I don't know how much of a Samurai this guy is but I like to think there has a cool story behind him. Maybe he comes from a tribe of samurais that wear big afros to scare people and look mounstrous. I don't know but I know there is something there. I had to wait for the paint to dry but I finally made it. JEEZ you guys did this one fast!!!! I'm loving everyones work so let's keep it up! Oh yeah, the second one was fun too.

Fear This!!!

I'm a little late, but here's a quick little pic I did for "fear". An image which was the last to be seen by many warriors, unlucky enough to cross paths with the one, the only - Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.


this was fun!

another samurai...

10 February, 2006

ok, so here is another one... however, i have come to realize that i suck at drawing swords!

Time to blow some sunshine up people's asses!

Thanks to all you fools for the comments...Props to Carlos for getting us into this junk, and Manuel for making it look so good! (Pictured Above: T-Flo, MIA)


SAMURAI!!!!!, damn fellas,everyones getting this weeks topic done fast!I felt like i had to hurry up and get this illustration done and posted, so here it is.
by the way next weeks topic is......."dreams"


09 February, 2006

Here he goes...

what would make breakfast better...?


it's old but it fits the theme


Sorry i'm late guys. i'll make up for it with a couple samaurai pieces!

My first post - the Samurai!!

Here's my first contribution to the blog, the Samurai. Everyone's work is looking great, I look forward to seeing what kind of work will come out of these weekly themes. Cheers!

My Scary Samurai

Here is my version of a Samurai!.
More things: I just added a counter to the blog, if you scroll all the way down you can see it. If you clic on the number a new page will open, and you guys can check all the stats, from where people are visiting and even a map with the exact location.


08 February, 2006

Here is the samurai...can't wait to see everyone elses! Shawn's is looking very cool!


07 February, 2006

....2 or 3 .....but, for the love of pete not 4!

...inspires fear, anyway.


i think its scary


alright fellas this is my version of fear. i'm looking forward to next week's theme, samurai!


This be Fear yo!


06 February, 2006

I have changed the red line of my composition, It needs something else there maybe I should play with some dark red color in the left side.

Will Eisner

Hey! never got around to show you this, last summer i contributed with an illustration to a Will Eisner Homage that the Spanish Society of illustrators was making.
You can see all the illustrators that contributed to the homage in this website, my illustration is the last one, the one with the coat hanger. Is not that great, but i didnt have much time to work on it.
This is the article for those of you who can read Spanish!



first post!

04 February, 2006

OK! I am done with the design of the Blog, i am going to change some stuff to make it work better, but this is the way its going to look.
If you guys have any ideas, or would like to change something just let me know.

Hopefully with this Blog we will be in contact after graduating! so everyone can see what the rest of us is doing!