Best of Ringling Annual Juried Student Exhibition

30 March, 2006

Congratulations to all the Blogarians that got into the "Best of Ringling Show"
Chris Park, Edward Kinsella, Carlos Villagra, Gino Real, Mirna Kantarevic, Lisa Fields, Brooke Olivares, Caleb Prochnow, Clayton Stillwell, Simon Cox, Chris Sanchez, Shawn Witt, Olumuyiwa Ajagbe,Patrick Thomas Parnell and Manuel LariƱo!

Employee of the Month...

29 March, 2006

Job-tron was introduced as an automated cashier at Walmart, doing its job SO efficiently that it ran ALL the registers in the store at once. Management fired everyone who became redundant under Job-tron's shadow, the unemployed growing in numbers as it began automating other tasks such as cleaning the store, stocking shelves, filling prescriptions, and taking out the garbage. Eventually Job-tron began managing the store too, and the authorities that purchased him were fired under corporate downsizing. Job-tron ran the fully-automated Walmart for about a week, but his batteries ran out with no-one remaining to replace them. Everyone took their jobs back and they hid the lifeless, automated nightmare in the closet- where he still remains today...

employee of the month.

Meet larry. Avery dedicated police officer, but even more dedicated to his donuts.He recieved very special award for saving two lives by accidentally walking in on a robbery at a donut shop.

Employee of the month

28 March, 2006

OOMpa Lumpa~ works under his master Willy Wonka, this particular oompa lumpa has to do the dirty work for Mr. Wonka. cleaning his mask and goggles, giving him his daily baths, and making sure that Wonka does not lose his focus in the factory.

Employee of the Month

24 March, 2006

This ungodly creatures name is Sebastian. He was the youngest billionare to ever live, building his vast empire via the shipping bussiness. You think you would have everything you ever wanted by being this rich, but that wasn't the case for Sebastian. While on a hunting trip in the amazon he encountered a baracuda that proceded to bite off his goods(if you know what I mean). To a man that powerful losing his natural means of feeling powerful was unbearable. One day after tormenting himself for years he decided to just jump from the top of his 200 storie building in the heart of early 20th century New York, feeling free and happy for the first time in years while he plummeted to his death. This portrait is of Sebastians youth when he had it all and his future looked bright. Remember live every day to it's fullest because you never know when your baracuda is going to strike!

Memories...oops! (late)

Well, might as well post it...

Employee of the Month!

George is an employee at Burger Love known for his strong discipline and charisma. His motto as he stares deeply into a hardy selection of fries is, "Never leave a man behind" and then he ever so gently shoves the fries down his mouth.

A Circus Freak, thats in it for the long haul...

23 March, 2006

22 March, 2006


20 March, 2006

well here is my freak kinda late. I think it is funny I hope you like it. I thought it would be cool to make a freak circus poster and I did really fast. cool lets see employee of the month.

Circus Freak: "The Real Four Eyes"

18 March, 2006

Very long ago a boy named Egor became a real big attraction as the real four eyes in a small circus in England. He made kids with glasses feel better about themselves and provided them with renewed selfesteem. Ironicaly the same kids that he made feel so good made so much fun of Egor that it drove him crazy and he ended up commiting suicide. This image here is the only known image of poor Egor. The moral of the story is kids can be so cruel.

freaky clowns!

16 March, 2006

i just felt like coming up with faces.

circus freak!

14 March, 2006

check out the nicely groomed beard.

circus freaks

13 March, 2006

this was done in Illustrator- No photoshop!

Circus Freak

12 March, 2006

The Ringling Sculpt Master!!!

The Blogarians (part1)

11 March, 2006

( From left to right: Olumuyiwa Ajagbe, Alekos Alexakis, Manuel Larino, Mirna Kantarevic, Edward Kinsella III) Ummmm...what's a memory?

In Memory

Here's an oil rub I did of my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. He was a senior in high school when this photo was taken.


05 March, 2006

This is my version of the memory, kinda late but better than ever. Anamnesis means memory in Greek. Well tell me what you guys think and check my fish I caught on Sunday. Everyone have a good spring break and b carefull. Also we should kinda motivate more the people that don't post much. I know we can all do it if we try.


04 March, 2006

The sense of smell evokes the most of memories... and naturally I choose a purple flower.


03 March, 2006

I remember being a little different than the other kids growing up...


01 March, 2006


yearbook 1953...

Here is a "memory" one. The contrast kinda sucks, but oh well...