30 April, 2006

Visit Flickr to see our Thesis show!

29 April, 2006

diana is a princess. aka... wonder woman.

Thesis Week!

24 April, 2006

We have been really busy lately finishing up our illustrations, framing, making postcards, business cards etc...
Our show opens at 6:00 pm this Thursday, so the theme for this week will be just that, "Thesis". It will for the most part be a lot different from what we have been posting on here.

THURSDAY APRIL 27th 6:00 - 9:00 pm
OPEN UNTIL MAY 4th 9:00 pm

By the way... Congratulations to Gino and Brooke for Rocking the Best of Ringling, and to Caleb for being in the next "Spectrum"!!.

Sleeping Beauty

14 April, 2006

here is my princess... not necessarily my favorite princess, but i felt like drawing her :)

Senior Illustration Show Poster

12 April, 2006

This is the Senior Illustration Show Poster I Designed, it will be posted around school soon.
The concept i designed the poster around was "Our Moms Fridge is Better than Your Moms Fridge". So hopefully this Homage to the Parents of every illustrator will bring some nostalgia to all of you, because that was my intention.
Hope you like it!


Well I don't have a favourite fairytale princess, but I thought it would be a good idea to use some of the papers I jacked from the Hallmark people, also I changed my color pallete to fit the theme. I am trying to make my collage and painting digital or not to flow better. I hope you like it.

Favorite Video Game!

10 April, 2006

Doulbe Dragon!!! I loved this game and I remember I even had the poster for double dragon 2 in my room. I thought it was the hottest shit ever! Anyways I must have played this game a million times and you know you love the power move! I did hate how you could kill each other and you know eventually you played with a d-bag that would hit you on purpose. Oh well, hope you guys like it!

favorite video game

09 April, 2006

My favorite video game is super mario 3 of course! is probably the last game i played, well except for the war game i played with christoFA last night for five seconds where i apparently shot him and all of our people instead of the enemy... anyways...i loved when you could turn mario into a frog (even though i was told by an expert that it didnt really do anything except maybe make him swim a tiny bit faster) whatever- he looked sooo cute! haha

Henry, the Pool Shark

Pool Shark

06 April, 2006

ok- I figured it out. (I think!)


Finaly had some time to work on something that is not Thesis!!

8-bit Video Game

I'm working on my pool shark, but it's giving me some trouble- bubble bobble will have to do for now!

Pool Shark!

05 April, 2006

Once I met this girl so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off of her. It was at a filthy and dreary pool hall. I suggested we play a game of pool and she agreed. We wagered that the loser had to buy the other dinner that night. She won mainly because I let her, or at least thats what I thought. We went out and I was in love. We dated for a couple of weeks. One day I came home from work and everything I owned was gone and I never heard from her again. Talk about a pool shark and a hustler. She took everything I had, including my heart.

Employee of the month

Little Timmy hid his tooth under his soft pillow, and went soundly to sleep. He dreamt about the candy and toys he would buy with the money that the tooth fairy would leave under his pillow. Breathing heavily, the tooth fairy clawed her way up the vine next to little Timmy's window. Silently she pushed open his bedroom window and chuckled to herself "I don't want one puny tooth, I want them all!" Timmy's teddy bear, aptly named "Bear" saw the misfortune that was about to befall poor Timmy and quickly leapt into action...


A page from my sketchbook.

Velvet is a ghost that haunts the local greasy spoon. She has a strange habit of stealing the souls of travelers that cross her path. Most of Velvet's victims happen to be asshole truckers that don't leave tips. So remember to be nice to your waitresses. Mixed media. Had a lot of fun with this one.I will be updating my BLOG regularly now, so be sure to check it soon!

HOW Magazine

04 April, 2006

"We at HOW magazine were so taken with your site that we have listed it as one of our Web site's "Top 10" sites to see this month".
-Megan Lane Patrick. Senior Editor, HOW magazine
(See it here)

PUGSLY* the pool shark

pugsly runs in and out of pool halls, hustling his competitors. of course if he ever runs into anyone else trying to hustle him for his money. he collects their money and their heads. lessons to be learned kiddies.

i am 8 bit!

03 April, 2006

My Zelda version. I figured i'd push how graphic i could get.

The 8-BIT Show

02 April, 2006

Submit your videogame art to IGN and win a spot in the upcoming I AM 8-BIT art show.
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Well this is my piece for Pool Shark. I thought it would be fun to draw a shark going after the pool balls. I wanted to paint this in painter but the copy I have is crashing on me, so I used photoshop. I didn't get the rsults I wanted with the pastels in photoshop, I think if I have used painter I could better colors, deeper more real.