22 May, 2006

What is up guys. I hope things are moving this summer. Handman issue#1 in it's entirety is avaliable on my site so check it out tell what you think. I'm also preparing comicbooks for all who wants one so I'll keep up to date on that. The comics distriputed will extra drawings and insight on issue#2. All commens will be noted if anyone has any questions. Thanks for the support.
[UPDATE:You can see the preview at http://www.oja-art.com in sequential art, pages 10 to 17]

fairy tale princess

18 May, 2006

Here's my princess... And here's the story
The tale isn't the same as the version I remember, but it's close enough. I miss everyone! I can't wait to see the blogarians get kicking again!

Perspectives cover

16 May, 2006

Finally they printed the cover I did for the perspectives magazine the colors came out almost identically with my painting, it is awesome. Well I hope we all start posting again, I have the 3 last posts here. Peace

Graduation Video

11 May, 2006

This is the video I put together so we can all remember the graduation. I tried to add all the blogarians if I didn't forgive me. ok guys enjoy and keep digging for jobs.

My new site is up

07 May, 2006

Hi guys after struggle and hours of thinking how to put my site together I figured it out with the help of one of my brother's friend Mike petrosomething aka petrosexual. my site adress is www.alekosart.com. I am inprocess of making it fulle sreen but I don't have a mac so it is hard to make the changes. yo everyone be safe and let's start posting again. PEACE