Portrait Assignment

30 June, 2006

Hey all you fuckers! Miss you guys! Here it is, finally, my portrait assignment given by Anita Kuntz. The guy with the guitar is Roy Orbison.

NPR " A Little Bird Told Me So"

24 June, 2006

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. This is my latest illustration from the Gary Kelley NPR assignment. Oil on masonite


Gary Kelley's assignment was for a promotional calender for National Public Radio

celebrity portrait

17 June, 2006

This is the project that i did at the acadmey for the Anita Kunz assignment. It is a portrait of Marcia Cross from desperate housewives. hope you guys like it!

Finally, my fairy-tale princess....

13 June, 2006

well, I finally got the internet up and running, hope to see everyone posting again soon. This is my version of Princess Ariel and the sea witch Ursula. Hope you like.

what I wanted to be

07 June, 2006

still no internet... I'll get back to everyone soon I promise :-)