Spiritual Warfare

26 July, 2006

Hey all, this is a personal piece that I've been working on- in all it took about 20-25 hours to complete. It was fun to work on and do some experimenting with. I hope yall enjoy it.


24 July, 2006

so i 've been following what's been going on in the middle east since war erupted again. it seems like more missiles are being fired and more people are dying and it doesn't seem like either side will back down. i read the iranian leader has said that israel is like a tumor in the arab lands. now with thinking like that from him and other radical muslims it seems this may never truly end.

Production work

23 July, 2006

Head study for a new freelance character design. Hope everyones well, and keeping busy.

hey... i have a blog now. take a look.

Here is some thing I did as a submission for comics. Check out my blog page, too.


I hope everyone is having a good summer.



Concept Design

20 July, 2006

Hey Guys, Hope everyones doing good- This is a concept design I've been working on during my lunch break- my work has kept me pretty busy. I'll get some of my own illustrations done pretty soon. Good luck at the convention Brooke and Ted- I'm sure ya'll are gonna do awesome.

All Day Dreamers LP

This is my first freelance job, i am almost done with it, still thinking about the type and some little changes in color, maybe you guys can help me out with that, what do you think?

Its a CD Cover for Daniel Waters, you can check out his music here.


17 July, 2006

This was the Chris Payne Conversation assignment. I wanted to show two old friends sharing stories and memories from the past. This was done in oil. I've also updated my website with these two new illus. I shipped some other stuff home, so I'm just waiting for it.

Society of Illustrators Show

16 July, 2006

We're all finally home from the Illustration Academy so I finally have some time to post this picture. This is Fields and I at the Society of Illustrators Reception for the student competition. The other people in the picture are Neal, Danny, and Doug, who also got several pieces in the show. We all attended the Academy last summer together so it was a fun reunion. Danny also attended this sumer. Its definately a must see if your in NY.

06 July, 2006

This is Chris Payne's assignment from the academy. It had to be a piece showing conversation. Hope you guys like it. Miss seeing your faces around here!

Conceptual Celebrity Portrait

05 July, 2006

For Anita Kunz's assignment I decided to do a portrait of Miles Davis. My concept is based on a few things I found during my research. The first thing I discovered was that he was called the "Picasso" of Jazz. This led me to Picasso's blue period- which obviously ties in with Cool Jazz. The final part of my concept came when one of my teachers told me that when Miles was getting really old, in the later part of his career, he held the trumpet at his chest. People thought he was in this slumped-over position because he was cool, but really it was because he was old and could not hold up his instrument. I immediately thought of the painting of the guitarist by Picasso. I used the composition and pose from his painting and also tried to use a similar pallette, leaving the instrument as the warmest part. I really enjoyed doing this piece and have since realized that this is a direction I want to pursue.