Portrait of Adrien Brody

30 August, 2006

Adrien Brody portrait. I did a version of this at the Illustration Academy, but it didn't turn out well, so I re-did it. This final version is mixed media. Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, and Oil.

Vehicle Concept

29 August, 2006

This is a vehicle concept that I am submitting into a contest.....moves like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

The Bells

26 August, 2006

Finally i got my images to upload (thanks T-Flo!). Illustration done for a writer me and Caleb met at Wizard World Chicago comic convention based on Poe's poem, "The Bells"


25 August, 2006

This is a Magazine cover i just finish. Its for the number one of a magazine in San Diego, California. The magazine is for charity, and their theme is to have waiters critic restaurants, music store clerks critic albums etc...
hope you like it!

Queen Latifah

23 August, 2006

This is a portrait of Queen Latifah i did for fun. Im in the process of getting a scanner so this is a kinda bad photo of it. It wont be cropped so tight on the left side. anyways hope everyone is doing well...


22 August, 2006

It has been a long time since I posted somethign on the blogarians from my computer. I ve been busy with work and moving and we all know moving sucks. My piece is done all digitally because my scanner broke when I moved in Orlando, so I can't scan my drawings. Anyways tell me what you think enjoy my nightmare.

Edgar Allan Poe-The King of Nightmares.

19 August, 2006

This is a Pin-up that I just finished up for an Edgar Allen Poe book.


17 August, 2006

So wouldn't it be a nightmare to grow old alone with a bunch of cats?
I was influenced by one of Alan Cober's books for this piece. It's not great but it was a fun exercise. I felt I needed to go a bit darker after doing "cute" stuff for so long. Anyway, I'm going to try to explore different medias and techniques in the next few "blogarians assignments" - we'll see what happens. Miss you all!


15 August, 2006

Hey guys, this is a page from my own interpretation of the comic- Neverwhere. I did it for D.C. Comics as a test piece. Sorry no text. I think it fits this theme though.


14 August, 2006

Hello to my peeps

07 August, 2006

Hi everyone I haven't post anything for a while due to the fact that I can't show my work to anyone except the work place. I added a peeps picture because peeps are cool. I moved in Orlando and I rented an apartment close to downtown. It is awesome but little ghetto( Brook there are millions pictures you could probably get here) I ll post soem pics of my cib later. I want to start painting and posting more stuff but I don't have internet in my house yet and I just set up my PC after 3 weeks. Here is a scetch for a concept I worked on I hope you like it. PEace

The Wallflower

Where She Plays

06 August, 2006

I finally finished up this piece from the Academy, based on mood. I wanted to show the innocence of a child and how it can be corrupted by the environment. I tried to really build up a thick surface on this. I used a lot of dorlans wax, especially on the stucco.