26 September, 2006

Students of the Unusual

This is a cover illustration I did for a "Students of the Unusual" comic. I completed two versions of this illustration, the other is posted on my blog.



25 September, 2006

This is a very sensitive way of representing envy. I think people are not always aware of what they’re doing, and don’t realize how wrong they are until it’s too late. So there is a certain innocence about this girl who is so envious of the bird’s ability to fly. She won’t be aware of her deadly sin until it’s too late… Hope this all makes sense…

lil' painting

20 September, 2006

acrylic on wood


18 September, 2006

Something i observed while out and about...I want to do a couple more paintings of children for my book portfolio, hope everyone is doing well

a little somethin' somethin'

14 September, 2006

nothing special ... just a personal little sketch... hope you like.

hello and hola

13 September, 2006

Hey everyone, I am working on a couple of pieces including an illustration for an Edgar Allen Poe story (inspired by Chris and Caleb) and a portrait of Dave Grohl. I will post those when they are completed, but in the meantime- here is a new sketchbook page- more on my blog. peace


10 September, 2006

Hey guys! I just got back from Rome! It was amazing of course. This little number was particularly cool: I went to a place called the Cimitero dei Cappuccini (Cemetery of the Capuchin Monks) where there was a church decorated with all bones.
Spines, skulls, arms, legs, everything and they had embalmed monks in robes holding crosses (pretty creepy). Also, check out my blog for some new sketches i did while i was there. Missed all you guys while i was there, i was thinking of you all........NAKED!!

Arts and Crafts

07 September, 2006

Hey Guys! Here is my little arts and crafts project for the summer, tons of little books to send arround and to leave behind after interviews, some have been sent already, and the first leave behinds will be used soon, i will let you know how that goes.

After the break Blogarians will have a major redesign, so stay tuned for that also!

Test Page for Graphic Novel

02 September, 2006

what up ya'll. Just dropping this test page that I just finish morning. This company in New York called "Amelia Earhart's Dog,LLC" is looking for comicbook artist. Thanks to Tristan(class of 2005) (website: http://www.thewhiteleaf.com) he hooked me up with led, Thanks a lot. i have tons of sketches on this little project that i'll put on my blog, but here's the semi-finish.


My parents bought a lakehouse last summer...so i have been spending alot of time there since i got back...so i guess you can call this my new home. hope ya like it

Through Tijuana

01 September, 2006

This is a painting I just finished. I ve been visiting various locations to get inspired. To actually know and experience what it is I'm painting from a first hand perspective.Its oil on masonite.