The San Diego Reader

22 November, 2006

The Reader is a magazine put out every week throughout the county,with a main article and local events and advertisements in it.The article was about a father that moved in with his son that has schizophrenia. The art director didn't want me to focus on the disease itself but the strained relationship between the father and the son. I focused on the barrier of communication, the father wanting to talk but the son not able to. The color printed very orange. I tried to adjust it so the you guys could see what the original looked like but it was too difficult. I posted a rough drawing of the cover on my blog. (hi valerie, hope you like it!!)


21 November, 2006

Just got back from New York. I all the Blogarians are doing well.

Antonio Orozco

This is an illustration for Ragazza magazine. Its a portrait of Antonio Orozco, a Spanish Singer. It was for the interview section of the magazine.
The concept? Well, the interview talks about his travels from Cadiz to California,and how that's the farthest his taken his music.

Handman Update

20 November, 2006

Hey guys hope all is well. i got a few updates on my blog and website, check it out. Here's the rough of HANDMAN issue #2.


16 November, 2006


15 November, 2006

all fixed :)

up close and personal

14 November, 2006

Beating a Dead Horse

11 November, 2006

I've finished 8 Henry the Histopotamus illustrations, and I've only got 5 more to go.

birth of imagination

09 November, 2006

after a long week of nothing good, i finally did a drawing i like.


04 November, 2006

Hey Blogarians. I'm off to New York on the 8th of this month. Wish me luck.