emotionally retarded relationships

29 December, 2006

this is about couples who are emotionally not ready for the kind of realationship they think they want. make sense??

a million possibilities

28 December, 2006

this is about all that life has to offer...


27 December, 2006

Design that I rendered, It came out a while ago so I figured it would be safe to post it.

Heppy Crastmuss

Merry Christmas. Here are some ornaments I made.

Blade of the Immortal Pin-up!

26 December, 2006

Happy Holidays Everybody! I just finished this piece. It's a pin-up that's going to be on the back cover of the Blade of the immortal next year. I'll keep you posted on when it comes out. Tell me what you guy think. PEAS

Merry Christmas!!

24 December, 2006

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe travels. I was driving through some neighborhoods as I tend to do, and I loved the designs that the different lights made in the dark. Ink washes and acrylic.

Las Olas Cover

19 December, 2006

well...the magazine sent me the cover with the final text on it. Below is the painting I sent them and then what I got back today. It is not exactly what I expected to see but hey thats just part of the game!

1930's RACING

18 December, 2006

I tried something new with the composition for this one. I'm not really sure if it worked out though. I also seemed to have used a similar pallette as my last couple. It's time for a big change, so expect to see something completely different from me next time. Peace.

"may you grow into your dreams and never out of them...

11 December, 2006

i did this illustration for my little nephew. it's 30" x 22.5"

Acrylic on Wood

10 December, 2006


08 December, 2006

Hope all is well with everyone. I did this piece of one my students in my Kindergarden class named, Tony. Out of my 32 students he gives me the most interesting pictures. And even though we haven't done themes recently it's cool that we're still posting.Everyone stay warm this winter. -O.J.A-

Hugh Jackman

06 December, 2006

***I made the chair rail smaller...My parents got me a wacom tablet for my birthday! It just came today so I got to play with it a little, its kinda sloppy but i have more important things to do like draw with a real pencil :-)***

This is a portrait of Hugh Jackman that I started about oh a month ago...I finally finished it yesterday. It was another one of those projects that was sitting on my desk haunting me while a bunch of other stuff prevented me from working on it. But now its DONE so I can put it away and dont have to look at it anymore! Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well.

Some of my Tshirt Designs

02 December, 2006

Hi Guys, I finally got out the Tshirt Design bussiness. I like desiging them but the color separation was hectic. This is one of the pages of my work unfortunatelly I don't have all the designs I did. These are all I could get. Go check my blog at aalexaki.blogspot.com Tell me what you think. Peace.


01 December, 2006

hey guys. i updated my blog: www.evolly.blogspot.com
this is an illustration i did for fun. i'm trying to pay more attention to design, layout, composition, color palette, and such. i realized that those are things that i find appealing. so maybe in the future you guys can give me some comments on how to get better at that?