25 January, 2007

this is about having a crush and trying to look pretty every day just in case :)))
i miss you guys!!!

Neon Sign #2

23 January, 2007

This is my second Neon Sign. It is done in Photoshop. I am going to print it on a 44 X 56 Inches canvas and do couple of acrylic bruch strokes and also seal it and is going to go in the bar area of a resort in Fla. HAvE fUn.

Rock Music vs. The Moon

Hey guys! Sorry for the extended absence. Here's a flyer i did for an upcoming show, (sans text) happening during a lunar eclipse.

Digital watercolor

18 January, 2007

HI everyone, this is my first digital watercolor. It was started in photoshop then in Painter and last finished in photoshop. I figured out that in order to make look as real as possible you have to have real ellements of watercolor in it. I scaned watercolor brushstrokes and I used the colors I found in my real watercolor pallete. Tell me what you think. This image was printed on a watercolor paper 155 times and the dimensions were 14X18.33. I ll try to post my steps in my blog Have fun.

tuzla, bosnia

17 January, 2007

some of you might remember this oil painting i did a while ago. i repainted it recently, b/c i didn't like the colors that it had before. anyway, i like it better now! it's from photo refrence (a picture i took in tuzla a while ago). hope you like.

positive thinking

16 January, 2007

here is a piece about taking control of negative thoughts (currently reading a book about emotions, thoughts, the human brain and psychology. it explains that we can take more control over our thoughts and emotions than we may think.)


14 January, 2007

Thanks for the comments and feedback for those last drawings. Its weird when we get away from the environment we all became accustomed to, with all the feedback and drive we got from each other. You have to learn to be secure with yourself, and with what your doing. But sometimes that's not the easiest thing. So thank you so much for your feedback. And clay your still a Fuck!


12 January, 2007

Well well what the hell do we have here. You guys are a bunch of good artist can I be your friend:)))))). I hope all is doing well, sorry I've been missing in action for awhile. I'm posting these here too cause I've dout anybody looks at my blog anymore, and I wanted some feed back , it sucks not having that inspiration and critique right around the corner.(Took that for granted) I'm determined to finish my thesis, so these are "Greed" and "Envy". let me know


10 January, 2007

This is a cover that I did for Dream Sub Comics, called "The Last Troubadour." The pencil drawing is the layout that I was given by the art director. "The Last Troubadour" is copyrighted by Bennet Neuhauser.

My Recent Project

08 January, 2007

Hi guys, this is one of the recent paintings I did for my job. I was given a black and white photo of this sign and I had to make it in color. After that I will have to apply filters and give it texture in Painter depending on the setting of the room that it will go in. The printing size of it is width 44 inches and height 30. the composition is straight forward, because I was asked to make it that way. Enjoy it and give me any suggestions on how to improve it. PEACE

Busta Rhymes

07 January, 2007

Here is my latest painting. The concept is based on Busta Rhymes' new haircut. I put a hair clippers in his hand in place of a microphone and left the shape of his old hairstyle on the wall. Its hard to think of Busta Rhymes without the dreads.

Happy 2007!!!

03 January, 2007

Ok so the past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, with the flying everywere and seeing tons of people and not keeping up with enough people. I miss all you guys and I hope you had a great holiday season! I spent my new years in New York celebrating with some of my best friends and it was a blast but I am drained! I have been doing my share of personal work, mostly in the sketbook and work has been keeping me busy and drained. I have a gallery group show coming up in march called TRANSPLANT and I will be creating (hopefully) 10 new pieces on that theme. I am painting a promotional piece right now that will be on display in this awsome toy store here in Cleveland. The new work will be rolling in the next couple of months so be on the lookout! For now please enjoy a few sketches and if you want more swing by my blog. Prosperity and love to all!!