Website Update!!

31 March, 2007

I just added a couple of new sections to my website, check it out! This is a t-shirt design I did for Ron Jon.

circus man

30 March, 2007

hey guys! so i did this drawing and really wanted to paint it (especially the lettering in the back). i still might paint it when i have more time. for now i just did a quick photoshop version, and i like the way it turned out. the concept was: being confident in something you never thought possible.

Rolling Stone-Arcade Fire

22 March, 2007

Hey guys. This is a painting of the band Arcade Fire that I did for Rolling Stone. I know most of you have seen it, I just thought I'd post it in BLOGARIA. Hope you all are doing well.

Just a little girl

16 March, 2007

Hi guys I was contacted by a lady to do a children's book, I created this character with a bunch of drawings and research and when she approved it, and I told her my price per ilustration, she sai I was out of her league. My price wasn't high enough according to the Ethical pricing guide it was actualluy less than half. The job included creating 4 characters and make the illustrations in certain environments. Anyways at least I have this cute little girl. Have fun

Website Spot Ilustration

13 March, 2007

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. Here is a piece I did a while back for a friend. I was kind of fun to do. I also throw some artwork on my blog. Check it out.

I think we need a chatbox

06 March, 2007

Hey Manuel, I really miss the chat box. can you find one if possible.

04 March, 2007