Bones colored!

28 April, 2007

Hey everybody, I posted the pencils a little while back and I thought I should post the colors.... enjoy!


26 April, 2007

Hi guys! This is the last cd cover I have been working on, its for Ana Egge and the title is "Lazy" its was going to be packaged into a digipak, so I suggested a wraparound cover, something I really wanted to do, and thought it would look better.
You can see the process on StaticForest.
I have been working with a design studio on a flash website, they will be animating my illustrations, and with Paste Magazine on an illustration about Murakami, If you never read anything from Murakami I strongly suggest you do. I will post those next time.

A video we made at work

24 April, 2007

We made this video for our Ringling presentation.....enjoy!

Blogger Problems

18 April, 2007

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing great!
For the past 2 or 3 months a lot of you had problems posting on Blogarians, that was because Google decided to start moving every blog to the new "Blogger" one by one, instead of all at the same time. So people with "old blogger" couldnt post on "new blogger" and the other way arround.
From today Blogarians is in the new blogger, so all of you that had problems posting wont anymore, but the ones that could post, will have problems until their own blogs are moved to "new blogger".
Thanks Google!

Concept Design & News

16 April, 2007

Hey Everybody!! I got a letter from Spectrum last week, my Poe piece (under Illustration on my website) is going to be included in the comic section. The concept is something I've been having some fun with- any input would be greatly appreciated.


04 April, 2007

Sick commmercial...
This beats the crap out of the old "dudes playing air guitar in a living room and then the walls collapse and they're rockstars" commercial

My day job...

02 April, 2007

The game I've been working on at Harmonix has finally been publicly announced.