new stuff

30 May, 2007

hey guys, i posted some new stuff on my blog. this is one image from a book i made for my boyfriend. hope you like it. there is much more on my blog (, i just didn't want to take up a ton of space on blogarians. hope all is well. you guys have been posting some awesome stuff lately.

The San Diego Reader

28 May, 2007

Hey Everyone, Its been a while, but I just got a jpeg of this cover. It printed about 3 weeks ago. The article was based on the life of an alcoholic who made the choice to turn his life around, and in the process he was able to impact the lives of so many who desperately needed that hope.

New Blogarians

25 May, 2007


24 May, 2007

Hey guys. Love the new work thats on here! Its good to see everyone producing. Lots going on for me, including 2 new illustrations for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I've done four for them so far and the first two issues are out now (at Borders). Just about to send out a new round of promotion. Wish me luck! I hope you are all doing well.


21 May, 2007

Piñata Books

19 May, 2007

Hey Everyone! I got a job illustrating a bilingual picture book for Piñata Books (Arte Público Press)! This is part of a character sketch I did for them as a sample before they gave me the job. The book will most likely be out in Spring of 2009.

Blogger likes The Blogarians

15 May, 2007

Blogarians was listed as an Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blog, this list is compiled by the Blogger Team, and can be viewed here.

XP3 Website

09 May, 2007

Hi Guys,
This is the link to the Flash Website I have been working on with Metaleap Design. I had to do 6 Illustrations, and they animated them and made everything look this good!
Xp3 website

Highlights for Kids Magazine

07 May, 2007

These are paintings I did for Highlights magazine (June issue). It was a fun assignment. I posted some of the process work on my blog-

Paste Magazine (Haruki Murakami)

02 May, 2007

This is an Illustration I did for Paste magazine. Illustrates an article about the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. You can see the process on Static Forest