GOD, Man, a horse, Dog then woman and little critters

28 June, 2007

Hello everyone, This week I decided to finish most of my unfinished illustrations. Well this is one of them. HaVe FuN.


20 June, 2007

Digital watercolor rendering

Hi Guys I have been trying to perfect the digital watercolor technique. this technique is really fast and it helps a lot in my job. Please give some comments about it what looks good or not. Does it look like real watercolor or it still needs work. Does it flow? Please help and enjoy the painting.


14 June, 2007

Hey everyone, great work all around! I did this for a gallery show in St. Pete called the "Robot Invasion."

Interior Rendering

11 June, 2007

Hi everyone I haven't post in a while I ve been really busy with work and moving and I couldn't log in to Blogger for some reason. Here is a rendering of a concept interior for a wine bar. I created this from an autocad file. added the texture lightings e.t.c. Tell me what you think. I love the new Blogarians site.

News and Sketches!

09 June, 2007

Theese are some new Disney Sketches! My life is in transition right now....my wife and I moved to Bradenton, I'm now on freelance retainer by a Design/Illustration company, I'm starting work on a children's book with author Barbara Kesel this monday, and of course we have a baby on the way.......when it rains it pours. (:

The naked-volcano-eye-spewing king!

Hey Gang. It's good to look at new work from some of you guys. You have secretly inspired my through recent weeks so I found one of my old drawings and started coloring it. Hope all is well with you all. PEAS.

06 June, 2007

coffee break doooodles...Anyone going to be in the Sarasota area in the month of June?