Playing with Animation in Flash

26 September, 2007

These are the small post-it drawings that started it all.

Hello Blogarians! So I've been playing with animation lately. Just messing around with Flash casually trying to learn and have fun in a very silly way. I AM NOT AN ANIMATOR, nor do I pretend to be. I do like trying different things though. This little short is of my good friend and college Saxton Moore. I really had fun doing this and I know its silly and nothing great but I learned a lot and I hope to do more and get lots better. I will be posting more soon. I hope to get better at this. Hope you guys enjoy!

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25 September, 2007

Johny Quest, one of my all time favorite cartoons. This was done for SFG's weekly challenge (saturday morning cartoons).

The Open Boat

24 September, 2007

Here is an old painting that i never quite got around to finish last year.
I decided to revisit it because i liked the short story so much. It came out much different than i expected but i am still pleased with it. Wish you guys could see it in person, some subtle colors seemed to have gotten lost in the scan. Oh well...onward!

Jack and Alice

17 September, 2007

I really enjoyed this assignment, lotsa fun.


14 September, 2007

Been looking at a lot of old cartoons and Illustrations lately. Very inspiring. These are just two characters I came up with: Bosco the cat, and Skeg the mouse.

Hey blogarians! Here is a concept sketch i did for the Spike TV pitch that i never got last year...bummer, but i did get paid. The Benjis is why i'm in this business.


13 September, 2007

Hey all! Glad to be back. Sorry for the lack of posts on Blogarians but I always feel like i should post something relevant here. TinPo is a property we worked on at work. TinPo started out as vinyl toys and AGP bought them and made them into bumpers to run on the CBS block which will air our cartoons on Saturday mornings. The animated shorts are AWESOME...really!! ReelFX did the animation and I must say they are a quality company that is on the up and up. We'll i'm glad I can finally post some of the development work I work on here. Hopefully it will give you a feel for what I do. Been working on a ton of personal stuff, including dabbling a little in animation which I will post at a later date. SushiPack is the other property/cartoon that I have worked on and that will premier in November. I will make a post with development artwork closer to the premire of the show also on CBS Saturday morning cartoons. The TinPo clips will be online next month I believe so I will send a link so you guys could check them out because I doubt youll catch them so early in the morning...hehe. Hope you guys like!!

P.S. A warm welcome to our new members!!!

celebrity portrait

12 September, 2007

New renderings

11 September, 2007

Hi All how is everything I ve posted some new stuff of my renderings in my blog Check it. This is a concept for a themed Restaurant in Downtown Disney. I was given the perspective drawing and I created this rendering. HaVe FuN


10 September, 2007

I've been taking a break from the computer, mainly focusing on my sketchbook and drawing from life. There's lots more on my blog (link on the right) so please take a look and let me know what you think-thanks!


09 September, 2007

Hi Blogarians! Thanks for inviting me, Manuel! I am very excited to contribute--there is so much talent here.
Here's part of a project I'm working on which involves designing fonts that reflect different types of animals.

Hey All!

08 September, 2007

Thanks for the invite! I'm honored. Here's a little somethin' about the grass always being greener. (believe it or not, it really has nothing to do with grass)


07 September, 2007

Hey Blogarians! Im honored to be in the group with such incredible artists. Thanks for the invite Manuel!! ALSO, I come baring a gift...