Car painting

30 November, 2007

Hi everyone I ve been working on a bunch of car paintings for a project at work. I find myself really into painting the reflections make the piece ultra realistic but if you zoom in you can see how loose it is. This piece was created from a photo. I put 2 images in there so you cna see the piece just about half done. EnJoY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giclee Prints

28 November, 2007

From BlueFlip Art´s Blog: BlueFlip Art has just released a brand new limited edition print from Spanish artist Manuel Larino titled “The Origin of Symmetry“.

It’s a numbered 10.5″ x 10.5″ giclee print on archival fine art paper and was printed in an edition of 100. It will sell for $30, and 10% of this sale price Manuel has chosen to donate to Spectrum for Living, a non-profit organization providing assistance to people with physical and developmental disabilities.

Manuel has also contributed two new open edition prints to the site. They’re called “Guero” and “All Day Dreamers” and are both available for just $24.95 each. Check them out here.

first published book!

20 November, 2007

hey everyone. my boyrfriend chris and i got to work on this awesome book together. he was the designer and i illustrated for it. it's just been published and you can go here to order it. there's a little bit more info on my blog

Library Interior

09 November, 2007

Everyone's sharing their work so I guess I'll share some of mine: This is a custom interior that I helped design for a library in Homosassa, Florida. I had a hand in creating the initial conceptual designs and produced all the two-dimensional artwork that appears on the furniture and walls. Very cool to see it all finished, let me know what you think, thanks

$*&%'n Slash!

04 November, 2007

Just needed to do some good ol' paintin' again. I'm trying to get together a whole new portfolio so I thought I'd start with a little caricature of Slash. Don't know if it will make the cut yet, but it was fun regardless.


03 November, 2007

I’ve been putting together this book for the past couple months. It’s a called I Am Radioactive. It's my version of a sci-fi/pulp comic. Written, illustrated and lay out by me. I'll be shopping it around to comic publishers soon; hopefully someone will bite.

Here are some images of the look of the book and 2, 2page spreads.


02 November, 2007

FINALLY!!! After long months and crazy hours and turnaround deadlines Sushi Pack will make it's debut on CBS Saturday mornings in The Kewlopolis Block. Sushi Pack is a super group of five pieces of sushi brought to life by a freak lighting storm and now they live in an organic doughnut shop looking to fight crime and enforce peace and justice!! Don't let their size full you because these five sushis pack a BIG punch!! I mainly worked on the show as a background supervisor and character designer. DIC entertainment did the bulk of the production work but we here at AGP did the visual development and quality control. Check out fellow co-workers Saxton Moore( and Jim Groman ( for their post on Sushi Pack artwork. It was a joy to work on this show because the style is fresh and cool and it's a fun show. I've been waiting a while to be able to share this with you guys so here you go. I'll post even more stuff later. Hope you digs!