Churchill's War Room (DK Publishing)

22 April, 2008

This is an illustration I just did for Dk Publishing UK, Its Churchill's War Room during WWII ( I am sure Ted and Chris will like that).
I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this assignment, it was WWII, Black and white (something I don't do often), but I ended up enjoying doing all the research for clothing, hairstyles, phones...
Hope you guys like it.

i am the motor

11 April, 2008

This is a concept and graphic for a cycle supply company. I am developing an ad campaign for them based off of this initial concept and graphic. I find it so enjoyable to create simple concepts and accompany them with basic graphic interpretation.

Playing with fire

This is a 3d t-shirt illustration. It's weird but recently I have been getting more and more requests from clients for 3-d illustration; it's kind of a new area for me . Still got to work out issues with the type.

Just As They Should Be

08 April, 2008

Hey Guys, I hope you are all doing well! Here is a piece I just finished. I went through many versions and I started over more times than I'd like to recall.I wanted to do a piece that showed children,"Just As They Should Be".Often times they are robbed of these simplistic moments for a harsher reality due to circumstances and people in their environment.

Another caracature

Portrait of the artist David Crowder of the David Crowder Band. Adobe Photoshop.

Hitchhiking to Bermuda

07 April, 2008

Wow, its been a wile! I have been a little busy lately, working hard on some cool projects, one of them the new Blogarians site, that its on its way...
Here is the Last Illustration I did for Paste Magazine.


05 April, 2008

Hey all, hope everyone is great. Go over and check out my "Monsta" collection over at my sketch blog : .Im attempting to do a new one every day, so check in often for new ones! This is one of my favs so far-

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02 April, 2008

So this is my second little short starting the stupid kid. In this short stupid kid does his taxes and ends up feeling a little "light". Along with this short I am also including the original storyboard from my sketchbook and some development art as well as pencils sketches for the key poses. This is for another contest Channel Frederator is having so wish me luck !!.

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