Cobra Commander REdesign

17 February, 2009

Hey all, some of my fellow artist and myself are starting sketch-o-rama back up again. Sketch-o-rama is a theme sketch blog where other awesome artist put up cool pieces based on themes we assign each other, mostly redesigns of cool characters we all love. The theme I came up with recently was to do a redesign of Cobra Commander. I'm talking about the way you envision the ruthless leader of Cobra, the most evil terrorist organization of all time!! This dude should be one badass looking bastard and personally I don't think giving him a serious breathing problem and a skin condition is quite enough for the leader of all this evil! Here's my take, hope you enjoy and I can't wait for everyone else to jump on this one!! PEACE!!!



15 February, 2009

oil on masonite, 9 in x 12 in

Hey Everyone, I hope each and everyone of you is doing well!I enjoy seeing all the new work. This was the last piece I finished for my upcoming show on March 6th at Ghostprint Gallery, in Richmond, VA. It's going to be comprised of many of my urban and beach paintings.