Sacrifice Shirts

06 August, 2009

This is a shirt I designed for a new company called Sacrifice. They just got their first batch of shirts in today! If you'd like to order one you can contact Shawn at, they are printed on Alternative Apparel and are $22 + shipping & handling.


Blogger simon cox said...

Nice design Caleb, I especially like the bottom design, as the lighter grey tones have a “dirty” distressed look that really ties them into the red worn motifs. I understand the angel as being illuminated, with an angelic clarity in contrast to the “evil” dragons, however I think it is just to smooth and plain, It could use more of a distressed look, to enhance the action and dynamics of the scene; right now it looks a little static and soft to be battling fiendish hell sent dragons.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Caleb Prochnow said...

Hey Simon, thanks for the positive comments and the crit. Concerning the top illustration if it was a comic book scene I would agree with you....but its not. Do a google search of Micheal the Archangel and the pose he is in will pop up quite a few times by a number of differant artists, I wanted to reference this "classic" pose but pull in a more modern satan (the seven headed dragon). More distressing in the top illustration/t-shirt design would take away from the inticate linework that I wanted to capitalize on.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Dorothy said...

busy, but I like it! Great drawing ability w/ the angel!

10:31 PM  

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