happy thanksgiving everyone!

25 November, 2009


This is baby Grace, she was born 11/24/09 at 8:30pm. She weighed 9 lbs and was 22 inches long. Annie and I had a water birth and I got to catch Grace and cut her umbilical cord. The bottom picture was taken 15 minutes after she was born.


20 November, 2009

Illustration and cover design for an erotic book title.

Henry calender

16 November, 2009

I wrapped up the Henry calender a couple of weeks ago. Here are 2 of the images. I hope all is going well with everyone.

Time Killer

11 November, 2009

Had some free time today at work so i started painting on old sketches I had done. Here's a little Tomato Clownfish I drew about a year ago in my sketchbook and finished up today in Photoshop. Hope you guys like.

Evelyn's Note

06 November, 2009

24in x 36in,oil on masonite
Hey Guys, hope you're all doing well. I'm at the beginning stages of putting together a new body of work, I have my other work at a Gallery in Cape Cod, so now I'm brainstorming and getting ideas together for my direction and approach to painting. Over the past year I've learned a lot painting smaller because those paintings are more immediate and its loosened me up, however I've been wanting to work bigger and to get the same looseness which has always been a struggle. Miss you guys and can't believe were heading into the holiday season already! I think I'm going to bust out my Christmas jams soon! I tell you, if your working on your work and your cranky, nothing brightens your mood like some winter wonderland music. : )

Wading Out

05 November, 2009

18in x 24 in, oil on masonite
Here's a piece I did for a benefit to raise money for Project Wildlife. Where's the wildlife you ask....in the ocean.haha there was no theme. :)